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Danielle Harding Nevins

Mountain Grove, Ontario
D.H. Nevins (Danielle) is a writer from Kingston, who is enthralled by post-apocalyptic scenarios, slivers of hope in dystopian bleakness and tormented beings of fantastic power. She is currently writing the third book in The Wormwood Trilogy (And from the Shadow, Light), which has been a total pain in her butt. The first two books, Wormwood and Angel of Shadow, are already out.
Not long ago, she wrote Sketchy, a graphic novel short. At the moment, it's being illustrated by the talented Lee Hull. D.H.'s been coerced into doing book signings, readings, author talks, and writing workshops, but she mostly spends her time procrastinating.
D.H.'s alter-ego, Danielle, has backpacked around the world 3 times, is a recovering thrill junky, loves stage acting and directing, teaches elementary school and every weekday morning, she runs a breakfast program for 20-30 hungry kids. When she has time, Danielle loves hiking and exploring the great outdoors, and the natural landscapes she loves often seep into her written work.

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